Why Boulonnais?

The Boulonnais horse is a good choice when you are looking for a calm and intelligent horse. It has many uses and can be used for dressage riding and driving above the level of a basic amateur. Though heavily built, the Boulonnais offers elegance and the ability of moving lightly. Due to it's physical exterieur it can't be compared to a warmblood horse, but the capacity for dressage riding is one of the suprising qualities the breed offers.

As a working partner the Boulonnais horse is a giant with a gentle heart, one of their great features is their patient attitude towards their users. You will most often find that the Boulonnais has a sensitive character, attentive without being afraid, learns quickly but at it's own speed, has endurability and has plenty of personality.

Regarding the exterieur, you will find the types of horses varying in sizes. Beginning from approxiamately 1,60 m, the tallest horse known being 1,85 m. 85 percent of the Boulonnais horses are found in nuances of grey, the remaining being mainly chestnut with a few dark brown or black individuals. The coat is silky, the mane double.

In 2006, I was the first to import Boulonnais horses to Denmark and later I founded the breeding association. In the meantime, I've imported almost 40 horses of the breed to several countries.

If you are considering buying a Boulonnais horse yourself, please feel free to take a look at [Sale & Service].